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is the tool used to create component packages, the building blocks of product archives, the final products users install.

Luckily, with the advent of Apple’s developer program, most popular apps for OS X that are maintained and supported by their developers undergo digital signing.One potential route by which an attacker can compromise your Mac is to modify a legitimate software package to contain malware.While this is difficult to do through official software distribution channels (e.g., the Mac App Store), it can be done through popular alternative approaches like peer-to-peer networking and third-party software distribution Web sites.Over the years Apple has been removing useful tools from its flagship IDE, XCode, and Package Maker was one of them. But while on the one hand I understand that Apple would like most users to download software from the Mac App Store (for which plenty of functionality has been baked into XCode), on the other hand removing Package Maker means leaving developers without a useful and simple graphical tool to build their packages.And even though you can still download it separately at the Mac Dev Center (search for a package called XCode Auxiliary Tools), Package Maker is clearly an unsupported tool of the past, and you'd better rely on the current ones: The only issue with them is they do not have a GUI and XCode does not publish their functionality through its UI.

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Such was the case with some of Apple’s software, where hackers installed malware in past versions of i Work and XCode that were distributed by means other than Apple’s servers.

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