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Updating minecraft done loading hatas

This is a list of frequently asked questions about Pixelmon.

The questions are distributed into different sections based on the topics that they are related to.

It has somethings that you can hide and the plugin will use a default value and there are values that are optional.

The expressions that you don't need to set if you don't want are: If true, the enchantment can be gotten on enchantment table, else, only by skript. The optional value doesn't have a default value, so you don't need it if you don't want it.

The trio, also sometimes called the "Sirs" are: djh3max (Ross Hornby), Trottimus (Chris Trott) and alsmiffy (Alex Smith or "Smiffy").

in case it's hard to understand the question (which is a frequently occuring thing whenever i ask questions because i'm terrible at wording things), allow me to explain my scenario:i have a skin that i made of an original character and i want a player head of that skin.

however, i only have one account and i want to be able to have the OC head and still wear my own skin. I'll keep searching or find another way.i apologize in advance if anything i said may have sounded rude or anything negative.

The Pixelmon launcher is not required to play Pixelmon.

It provides a simplified method for installing Pixelmon and its sidemods, but the normal Minecraft launcher can also be used to play.

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