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This is probably what a lady going by the name Sharon Mulonji is thinking about at this moment.

Sharon has been exposed on social media for literally begging a married man to become his Mpango wa Kando.

Terrorists have done a lot of harm to the tourism industry in Kenya, but one group of travellers has not been put off - sex tourists.

Paul Adhoch heads the United Nations aid agency Trace Kenya, which battles the trafficking of children.

Mombasa is Kenya's second largest city and a sea port. Mombasa offers a diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly atmosphere.Sex pests take advantage of the congestion in the Likoni ferry to satisfy their sexual desire.Women and school girls have fallen victims to these perverts. Most victims don't discover what has happenned to them until they get to their destination only to be notified of some starchy subtance (male semen) on their backside.Sex pests fondle and rub their male members against a woman’s posterior standing in front of them in the ferry and ejaculate on their behinds without the victim noticing.Authorities should take action and persons found in such acts should be apprehended, arraigned in court and charged for sexual assault.

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Women should use their own separate vessels to cross over the island city of Mombasa to the mainland town of Likoni or there's need to segregate females from males in the ferry.

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