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Their goal: to establish the age of the tools by dating the surrounding sediments.

Past flooding in the area had left behind layers of silt and clay that hardened into mudstone, preserving the direction of Earth’s magnetic field at the time in the stone’s magnetite grains.

in Dmanisi, Georgia was still using simple chopping tools while in West Turkana, Kenya, according to the study, the population had developed hand axes, picks and other innovative tools that anthropologists call “Acheulian.” “The Acheulian tools represent a great technological leap,” said study co-author Dennis Kent, a geologist with joint appointments at Rutgers University and Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

“Why didn’t Homo erectus take these tools with them to Asia?

Leakey, himself, eventually admitted), an ape-like creature, the remains of which had been discovered 35 years earlier by R. In his lecture last year in San Diego (which the author attended) Leakey reported that what he has found destroys all that we have ever been taught about human evolution, and, he said, "I have nothing to offer in its place!

" The heretofore generally accepted ideas on the evolution of man included a hypothetical common ancestor of man and apes, variously estimated to have existed up to 30 million years or so ago, plus little else (as far as any real fossils are concerned) until the australopithecine stage was reached, supposedly about two million years ago.

Leakey's "Zinjanthropus" was nothing more than a variety of Australopithecus (as Dr. Although some authorities, such as Montagu had long maintained that the australopithecines were outside of the line of man's ancestry, the consensus of evolutionists was that the australopithecines had been habitually bipedal man-like apes in the direct line leading to man. Leakey's latest find may now have delivered the final shattering blow to the australopithecines as candidates for man's ancestor; in fact, if accepted, it will destroy all presently held theories on man's evolutionary ancestry.Paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey recently announced the discovery of an important humanlike fossil jawbone in the Samburu Hills of Kenya.Once, any new fossil of early man was acclaimed as ''The Missing Link.'' But Mr.One newspaper report has said, "Because of him (Leakey's Skull 1470) every single book on anthropology, every article on the evolution of man, every drawing of man's family tree will have to be junked. Leakey acquired world-wide fame through a series of allegedly sensational finds at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, about 500 miles south of Lake Rudolph. Leakey's principal find was a skull of a purported "ape-man", which he called Zinjanthropus, or "East Africa Man". If Richard Leakey's evaluation of his latest find, Skull 1470, is accepted, he will have succeeded not only in shattering completely his father's theories on man’s origins, in which the australopithecines were given a central role, but everyone else's, as well. Leakey claimed that he had found two species of his "Zinjanthropus", a less evolved and more primitive form, later designated No evolution from primitive to advanced was involved at all.They are apparently wrong." The article in was headlined "Leakey's new skull changes our pedigree…." Richard Leakey is the son of Dr. Through a combination of hasty judgment, exaggerated claims, and wide publicity through the , other journals, and the news media, most people, including just about all evolutionists, were convinced that Dr. On the basis of extremely fragmentary evidence (and of strongly preconceived ideas), the consensus of evolutionists has been that the australopithecines walked habitually upright, one of the characteristics predicted for a transitional form between man's supposed ape-like ancestor and man.

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” In the summer of 2007, a team of French and American researchers traveled to Kenya’s Lake Turkana in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, where earth’s plates are tearing apart and some of the earliest humans first appear.

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