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And while somewhere Jon Gosselin is shuddering with traumatic flashbacks, Kimmel has taken the trouble to produce a promo that lets other unsuspecting prey, er, men, know what they are facing. “It’s like The Bachelorette meets The Deadliest Catch,” Kimmel quips and then adds: “[Kate] enjoys long walks on the beach, but not the beachyou picked out …

that beach sucks and you’re an idiot for choosing it.” The bachelors are selected at random, Kimmel explains, and “shot with tranquilizer darts by Sarah Palin.” After being taken to an island they are “hunted like animals by Kate and her eight kids.

Kate Major declined to comment on her relationship with Gosselin, which he supposedly denied last week while calling her a liar and saying he was "tricked." We honestly cannot keep track anymore. Though it's hilariously ironic that she went from the mistress to the scorned girlfriend in a matter of like 72 hours.

Over the weekend, Kate Major commented that while she understands the scrutiny that comes along with dating the reality TV dad, but "I want people to know I am a nice and genuine person and anyone who knows me knows that." The same certainly cannot be said of Jon, who apparently two-timed the girl he cheated on his wife (who he is not even divorced from yet) with.

"You have to be comfortable enough to take what people say about you and laugh. " See more See the Venice Film Festival's Most Show-Stopping Red Carpet Looks The best part of the comparison for Gosselin seems to be her daughters’ excitement about the whole thing.

"My girls are beyond thrilled that he Instagrammed pics of us," Gosselin shared.

"To top it off, Mady found his Instagram at the same time as I did this morning—on the bus on the way to school, no less. ' in all caps, which I interpreted as approval and excitement!

Whether he's hanging out with Michael Lohan (great PR strategy) or dating two chicks at the same time, the guy keeps surprising the celebrity news world.

Yesterday, Jon said that he and Hailey Glassman are taking a break, despite their recent romantic trip to St. The latest revelation: Jon Gosselin and Kate Major are dating. News, Jon says he's in a relationship with Kate Major, the former .

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The reality star, who now rocks longer locks, added, “And it’s okay, he can have it!

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